5 ways to Prevent and Treat Gum Diseases

Date : 10 Jun, 2022

Gums are such an important part of your mouth, not only do they hold your teeth intact but also add to the overall structure of your mouth. However, if not taken care of properly, you can indeed develop gum diseases that will not only cause problems for your entire mouth but can be very painful and inconvenient to manage. But surprisingly sometimes the gum diseases are not detected until much later, because they don’t show many signs and we tend to overlook things unless they are directly visible on our teeth. But before getting into the fuss of gum diseases, we bring 5 tips for you , that would help you in preventing or even in treating gum diseases before they before far more serious. Dr.Arvind Ashtankar is the Best Dentist in Nagpur


Get regular dental check up

You would be surprised to know that your mouth is a home to over 300 kinds of bacteria and it can sometimes get quite hard to maintain dental hygiene in the right way so getting regular dental check-ups every 2-3 months is just as important as your personal dental hygiene. the dentist will not only guide you about how to take care of your mouth better but will also help you prevent tons of gums related problems. You may or may not know how to take care of your gums and teeth the right way, but visiting the dentist every few months will help you in keeping your gums in check.



Flossing is one of the most important part of dental hygiene. it not only helps you loosen the tiny particles in your gums and teeth that get missed while brushing but also helps in removing plaque and prevents in tartar building up. It can definitely save you some trouble of having to scrape up at your next dentist appointment. Plaque and tartat buildup can damage your gums more than you realise. So get some good floor and do it every night before bed. We also offer Best Orthodontist in Nagpur


Brush twice a day

We really underestimate the benefits of brushing, especially brushing twice a day. Make sure you brush from two minutes, twice a day. This will keep your teeth and gums at the top of their health. Brushing twice a day also helps you get rid of tiny particles and wash out easily and prevent you from causing cavities.


Use the right kind of toothpaste and toothbrush

Your gums may be a little sensitive and so choosing the right kind of the toothpaste, and a soft bristled toothbrush is very important. There are special kinds of toothpastes prescribed by the dentists to best protect your teeth and your gums, so getting that appointment from the dentist every few months can really help you.


Stay away from junk food and drinks

Soda can be the worst thing for your teeth and gums. Its not the sugar that bad for your mouth but the acid in the soda and other ingredients in the junk food can cause tooth and gum decay over the time. It is time to not just help your body by avoiding junk and sugar but also your mouth.

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