A Quick Guide on the Connection Between Toothaches and Headaches

Date : 24 Mar, 2023


Both toothaches and migraines are common dental and medical complaints. Despite the fact that they are often treated as distinct problems, many individuals fail to see the strong link between them. In fact, both tooth pain and headaches can trigger the other. To properly care for your dental and general health, it's important to understand the connection between these two issues. Toothaches and headaches are closely related, and in this post we'll go over several ways to deal with both. Smilestone – The Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur will help you out to know the connection between toothaches and headaches


Why Your Toothache Might Be Causing Your Headache

In addition to the pain, there are a number of other symptoms that may accompany a toothache. Teeth infections and abscesses are a prevalent culprit. Toothache is a common symptom of an infected tooth's pulp, which can produce a throbbing or painful pain in the tooth and even spread to the jaw and head. If the infection spreads to the sinuses, you'll get a sinus headache.


Teeth grinding or clenching can also lead to headaches caused by toothaches. Teeth grinding and clenching are both known to cause tension headaches because they strain the muscles in the head and neck. Grinding your teeth can also cause dental pain by wearing away the protective enamel and exposing the more sensitive dentin below.


Yet, toothaches are a common side effect of headaches. Migraines are a type of headache that can affect the teeth. Migraines are debilitating headaches characterised by extreme pain on one side of the head, followed by other symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and pulsing or throbbing pain. Migraines often result in tooth and jaw discomfort due to transferred pain.


Toothache is a common symptom of tension headaches, which originate in the neck and head. Teeth and jaw discomfort can be caused by tension in the head and neck muscles, which strain on the facial muscles and nerves. You can contact Dr. Arvind Ashtankar – The Best Dentist in Nagpur


Intervention and Care

Good oral and general health habits are the best defence against tooth pain and headaches. Care for your teeth by brushing them twice a day, flossing every day, eating a balanced diet, and scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings. Your dentist may suggest a bespoke mouthguard if he or she notices that you grind your teeth at sleep.


There are a number of options available to alleviate the discomfort of a toothache, headache, or other similar condition. Pain medications available without a prescription, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can help with both toothaches and headaches. You can also alleviate pain and inflammation by applying a cold compress to the area.


If you have a toothache and think it might be an abscess or other oral infection, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist very once. If dental infections are not treated, they can spread to surrounding bone and tissue, causing pain and eventually leading to the loss of teeth. Your dentist may advise you to get a root canal or some other form of restorative dental care in order to save the infected tooth.


You should visit a doctor if you get severe or persistent headaches. You may be prescribed medication or advised to make alterations to your lifestyle in order to better control your symptoms. They may suggest that you see a specialist, such as a neurologist or an orthodontist, for further evaluation.




Common dental and medical concerns like toothaches and headaches are generally treated independently. You may improve your oral and overall health by taking better care of your teeth, but there is a strong relationship between the two that you should be aware of. Toothaches and headaches are symptoms that should prompt a visit to the dentist or doctor so that the reason can be identified and treatment initiated. Smilestone is your best option for Best  Orthodontist in the Nagpur area. For Enquiries Contact us on – 9823154023,Visit our website- www.smilestonedentist.com

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