How Harmful Thumb Sucking is for Your Child’s Dental Health?

Date : 23 Jan, 2023

Babies have a natural reflex to sucking their thumbs, and it usually begins soon after birth. For all the reassurance it provides, there remains a risk of developing dental problems from habitual thumb sucking.

Thumb sucking dental hazards include misaligned teeth, which is when they are out of place from where they should be in the gum line. Your child's mouth structure may also be affected. Sucking the thumb causes pressure on the roof of the mouth, which can lead to tooth and jaw development problems. The effects of thumb sucking on developing teeth are minimal. Permanent teeth are more vulnerable to the effects of this condition. Your youngster may experience crowded or crooked tooth development. Dr. Arvind Ashtankar is the Best Dentist in Nagpur

Malocclusion, or the misalignment of the upper and lower teeth, can be exacerbated by habitual thumb-sucking and the usage of pacifiers. When teeth shift out of place, the most typical result is an open bite. An open bite means that the front upper and bottom teeth do not come into touch with one another, even when the mouth is closed. However, there are other drawbacks that could stunt children's development and lead to problems down the road:

Ramifications for children's language growth

There may be consequences for your child's linguistic growth if he or she often resorts to using a pacifier or thumb to chew on. Those who engage in such practises often end up with an overbite or open bite. Children who routinely succumb to their thumbs are also more likely to mature a tongue thrust, in which the tongue is forced advancing over the tops of the teeth. Extreme malocclusions and poor tongue control can cause a lisp or difficulty pronouncing the consonants S, Z, L, or R.

Too much of a gap between the teeth

Similar to open bite malocclusion, overbite results from teeth being positioned incorrectly in the jaw. In contrast, an overbite just involves the upper front teeth being misaligned. Because of the misalignment, your child's top and bottom teeth will overlap when he or she shuts his or her mouth. A common malocclusion, an overbite can change the way a person's profile looks and how they smile. Treatment for such a severe overbite may need extensive orthodontic work. It may be necessary for patients with overbites to use headgear and other orthodontic products in addition to traditional metal braces. Are you looking for the Best Orthodontist in Nagpur. 

Alterations to the Jaw and Face

From infancy to adolescence, the face and jaw go through significant changes. The "orofacial complex" consists of the jaw, mouth, facial muscles, and teeth, and its development can be impacted by behaviours like using a pacifier or repeatedly sucking on one's thumb. A child's face look may suffer if he or she has a habit of biting or chewing on his or her cheeks or gums. This might lead to improper tooth movement.

Concerning the Society at Large

Insecurities about social interaction may arise long before your child's practise of thumb sucking poses a serious threat to his or her teeth. Children who habitually suck their thumbs in public may be teased by their peers. While sucking one's thumb is a typical practise among small children, your child may come under scrutiny if he or she continues to do so as they become older.

Thumb sucking is a common, reflexive coping mechanism for kids to deal with stress or boredom. At the appropriate developmental age, you may need to assist and guide your child through the process of weaning off of the thumb.

At Smilestone, one of the greatest orthodontists and dentists in Nagpur will examine your children's teeth during regular examinations for cavities and other dental diseases. During this checkup, the dentist will take x-rays of your teeth and look for signs of overbite or open bite, two of the most frequently encountered orthodontic problems.

When your child is of age, he or she can benefit from a number of orthodontic procedures that can correct even the most severe case of malocclusion. Metal braces, ceramic braces, or even invisible braces like Invisalign can gradually realign teeth that are out of place.

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