Know about Craze Lines on Front Teeth

Date : 20 Feb, 2023

Typically associated with ageing, craze lines are superficial, vertical lines that form on tooth enamel. Hairline fractures are also known as superficial fractures.


There may be a translucency to craze lines. It's possible for them to be any shade of grey, yellow, or brown. You may find it unattractive if you develop a number of craze lines on your front teeth all of a sudden. Craze lines, on the other hand, are frequently obscured and missed until the observer is actively on the lookout for them. Teeth may become more stained as a result of craze lines. They may therefore be more obvious in those who consume tobacco products or caffeine-rich beverages such as coffee, tea, soda, or red wine. Smilestone is the  Best Orthodontist in Nagpur


Extremely common in adults, craze lines on teeth are often quite superficial and painless. In most cases, they only affect the way something looks.But if the fissures go through the enamel, you need to visit a dentist very away. Cracked teeth are painful and can lead to the loss of a tooth if not corrected. If you're worried that the fissures in your enamel are actually more serious, your dentist can help you sort it out.


They can also be brought on by things like: 

• Prolonged teeth grinding and clenching 

• An uneven bite pattern 

• Biting fingernails 

• Cutting or ripping open objects with teeth 

• Chewing on non-food objects 

• Chewing on frozen foods and ice 

• Tongue rings 

• Sudden, extreme temperature changes (like drinking hot coffee after eating cold ice cream) 

• Trauma (like getting hit in the mouth during contact sports) 

• Previous dental drillings


Structure of Teeth

Your teeth are composed of various components.

  • Enamel. When you look at a tooth, the first thing you'll notice is the enamel. This substance contains both calcium and phosphorus. Your tooth enamel is the toughest tissue in your body. Here's where the latest fad in line formation occurs.
  • Dentin. The dentin lies underneath the enamel. Most of the tooth is comprised of this porous layer that resembles bone. The pulp underneath gives it strength and stability.
  • Pulp. In the pulp, your tooth's nerves are housed in a soft tissue. Dentin is made from the pulp.
  • Root. The roots of your tooth anchor it to the jawbone, much way a plant's roots anchor it to the ground.
  • Craze line: This term refers to a fissure in the enamel that runs along the outer or inner surface of a tooth. This condition is asymptomatic and should not be treated, however some people may want to have cosmetic operations to fix it. Although craze lines might be cosmetically disfiguring, they never develop into full-fledged tooth cracks.

A real crack in a tooth is symptomatic and calls for dental attention. As the disease continues, it can reach the pulp at the centre of the tooth, as well as the inner dentin and enamel layers. Occlusal (biting) surfaces are the most common sites for cracks to start, but they can spread to other areas of the tooth. Smilestone Dental Clinic – The Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur


In order to treat your condition at home, you can attempt the following:

Home remedies for whitening teeth and reducing the visibility of craze lines can be effective even if they can't eliminate the lines entirely. Some of the treatments available are:


It is also possible to bleach your teeth at home by swishing with hydrogen peroxide, a compound commonly used in bleaching toothpastes.

Sometimes, changing to a whitening toothpaste can help reduce the visibility of craze lines.


• Whitening strips, trays, or gels used in the comfort of your own home can potentially reduce the visibility of craze lines. It's possible that these methods won't be as efficient or quick as those offered in a dentist's office.

For help from one of the Best Dentist in Nagpur, visit Smilestone, where you can learn about the following methods for eliminating Craze lines:


Teeth Whitening


You can lessen the impact of craze lines by having your teeth whitened. To whiten your teeth at home, you can: • Use whitening toothpaste or whitening strips.

• Have a professional whiten your teeth in a clinic or dentist's office.

Any discoloration caused by stains within the crease lines is eliminated by these whitening procedures. As a bonus, they can make your teeth look better in general.




In order to fix craze lines in your teeth, you'll need to pay for the "full" treatment. Veneers are thin, custom-made porcelain facings that are placed on the front of teeth.Composite resin or porcelain can be used to create veneers. If cared for properly, they can improve your smile for years to come and dramatically change the way your teeth look. But their typical price tag is high.


Dental Bonding


Your dentist may also recommend using composite resin to conceal the craze lines. Dental bonding is a quick and simple way to repair chips or cracks in teeth.

Craze lines are small, straight fissures in the enamel of your teeth. It's possible for tooth staining to change their transparency from clear to opaque.Craze lines on teeth may be cosmetically unappealing, but they are mostly harmless. Because enamel degrades with age, they become more likely. They can also be exacerbated by certain behaviours, such as nail biting or teeth grinding.

Whitening your teeth, for example, is a common cosmetic procedure that can help reduce the appearance of craze lines. Visit Smilestone right now to consult with a dentist at the Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur.


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