Which is the Safest and Fastest Treatment between Implants and Root Canal Treatment?

Date : 21 Jun, 2022

Have you ever gone to a dentist and they asked you to choose between Root canal treatment or tooth extraction with implant treatment? Since both these treatments fulfil the same purpose, which is to regain your ability to chew and gain enough jaw support, there are some important points you need to consider before you can decide to opt for any of these treatments. Are you searching for Best Dentist in Nagpur. We recommended you Dr.Arvind Ashtankar who is a well experienced Dentist in Nagpur.


Endodontic treatment

As you probably know, dental surgeons open the root canal, clean the infected pulp, fill the space with gutta-percha (natural material), and seal it. A cap or crown is then placed on the operated tooth to restore the bite force. A local anaesthetic is injected into gums to ensure you do not feel any discomfort. Yes, professionals use a dental drill to make a hole and reach the infected pulp. But, it’s a straightforward procedure.


Dentists often recommend this procedure when they find dark spots on the teeth while doing an x-ray and when they are able to spot a cavity infection in one or more teeth. The treatment is usually recommended if the dentists feel that they can stop the infection by cleaning the nerve space inside the tooth, and if they wont need to remove the entire tooth to curb infection.  If this is caught early on, then the dentists can carry out the root canal procedure, otherwise if it gets too later then the entire tooth would have to be extracted.

Also root canal is one of the aesthetic procedures because the dentists are able to restore your natural tooth and then cover the gap by using a crown or a cap that also matches the colour of your teeth.


Dental extraction with implants

At Smilestone it is not our first choice ever to extract teeth but sometimes it becomes inevitable to extract teeth if the tooth is too decayed or damaged. Removal is only recommended mostly when the root canal as failed or the gums are also infected of if there is overcrowding. This procedure is done by administering a local anesthetic near the affected tooth so that no pain is felt during the extraction and then the pieces of infected tooth are removed using sanitized tools and then the area is cleaned of all the debris.


Once the procedure is done then the dentist will go on to proceed with putting the implant in place of that tooth in a few weeks. Since the tooth is extracted it results in space between the teeth and can result in loss of jawbone and facial support and can be difficult to chew with the empty space, which is why it is important to put an implant.

Root canal treatment and implant placement are the most appreciated procedures for restoring damaged teeth. We also offer Best Orthodontist in Nagpur


There’s always that slight chance of failure in both cases if you fail to follow aftercare steps and maintain oral hygiene. Implant failures are rare in cases where dentists conduct a pre-surgical review and guide patients with post-surgical implant care.

Implants can last throughout your life if you take proper care. On the other hand, studies suggest that as many as 86 % of root canals may last for ten years.


You undoubtedly wish to have the ability to talk or smile confidently. Extraction and implant treatment offers more aesthetically pleasing results than endodontic therapy, but again it varies from case to case.


At Smilestone we take the utmost care to inform the patient about all their options and take the best care while operating on the patient. We also provide different kinds of implants that would be catered to according to the client’s requirements and their teeth. You can give us a call to find out more about the procedures. Visit Smilestone – The Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur

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