Why does Mouthwash burn? How can we take care of it?

Date : 05 Jul, 2022

Mouthwashes are used by millions of people every day to prevent bad breath and to kill germs in the mouth, and most of them have always wondered whether the burning sensation after using a mouthwash signifies that the mouthwash has really worked? Well let’s talk about why mouthwashes burn and what should you do when they do. Contact Smilestone- The Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur


These are some of the benefits of the ingredients in the mouthwashes:-

  • Cetylpyridinium chloride, to help reduce bad breath,
  • Essential oils, to reduce plaque,
  • Fluoride, to prevent decay, and
  • Peroxide, for whitening.

All of these constituents work together with clearing and flossing to keep your teeth clean and healthy. While many beneficial mouthwashes can be found over the hostage, some require a treatment. Be sure to consult with your dentist about what mouthwash would be the greatest for you.

Mouthwash advertisements use the term “tingling sensation” to describe what actually feels like mouth being on fire and most people certainly don’t feel refreshed after using it, as it gives a burning and painful sensation.


Rinsing should be done in totalling to brushing and flossing your teeth. Mouthwash should not be used as a extra for brushing OR flossing. Not brushing or flossing your teeth can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, and other serious difficulties The burning sensation in the mouth by using a mouthwash is caused by one of these three reasons:-




Alcohol is known to have antiseptic properties and it is usually the main ingredient in many oral care formulas as it kills bacteria. However alcohol when coming in contact with the taste buds, cause burning sensation as you may be sensitive to one or more other active ingredients like menthol mixed with alcohol in the mouthwash.




One of the other popular mouth wash ingredients is chlorhexidine, which helps in reducing plaque and also helps in fighting gingivitis. This ingredient may also result in burning or tingling sensation in the mouth, and some people may infact be allergic to chlorhexidine, which may make matters worse for those people. Menthol


Menthol, which is derived from mint or peppermint can cause irritation for a log of people when ingested or taken in the mouth. Some people report feeling pleasant and refreshed, but most people find the burning sensation to not be worth it. other ingredients mixed with menthol like Hygrogen peroxide and essential oils like peppermind oil, eucalyptus oil and thyme oil may also be responsible for the burning sensation.


These three ingredients which are usually present in most of the mouth washes, cause the burning sensation, which can seem to harm you more than benefit you. a lot of mouth washes these days are alcohol free, but still the menthol present in them for the flavour, can be unpleasant for most people. Dr.Arvind Ashtankar is the Best Dentist in Nagpur


If you’re using a mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine, that was prescribed by your dentist, you can let them know that its causing you discomfort and they may recommend you some other product for more comfortable use. If you’re using an over the counter mouthwash that contains alcohol, then you may want to consult your dentist as you may want to examine and rule out any gym diseases. You can then either try alcohol free mouthwashes or dilute the mouthwash with water for a softer feeling. Smilestone also offer Best Orthodontist in Nagpur


Getting regular consultation at Smilestone, with few of the top dentists, can get you all the clarity that you need and you can be rest assured that we provide only the best and the safest product prescriptions to our patients.


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